Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So... Guess who screwed up the hot water situation?

Wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit... ME! Yup. I did it. I am the reason we had no hot water.  And we actually DID have hot water, but didn't know it.

What had happened was, the other lady of the house, my 'colega de quarto', or roommate, had some cool looking nautical knobs in her bathroom.  She said '...yeah, and I don't even know what these knobs are for.' And I was all 'Oh, they look cool.  You can hang stuff on them.' Then I proceeded to turn the knob for effect. In fact, that effect turned off the hot water.  So we were here for two days with no hot water, and all we had to do was turn the knob back.  I bet she won't ask me anymore questions about how cool looking things work from now on... cuz I'm still gonna touch 'em.

Anyhow, besides that awesome discovery, and the exciting thought of being able to shower, nothing too exciting occurred today.  We walked to Leblon this evening and enjoyed some pizza at the infamous Guanabara, which is also famous I suppose.  It was really good.  Or pretty good, and I was just starving. We had the arugula/gorgonzola joint.  I had to fight my urge, my strong desire to pick up my freaking pizza and eat it by hand like a normal effing person!  Cuz in Rio, one must eat PIZZA with a knife and fork.  Booooooooooo.  For a culture that's sooo 'open', people are really close-minded about eating pizza by hand.  Dear Brasileiros: Please respect the game when you come to NY, and pick up the freaking pizza.  I ate mine with a knife and fork for you.  Signed, One Slice Jones.

And then we went across the street to my favorite corner luncheonette type place BB Lanches and I got a pastel com frango (translation: chicken pattie thingie) and it was bomb! I bought two, cuz I knew I would want one tomorrow.  We walked back to Ipanema, found a frozen yogurt place called Yoggi that was open super late, and then ate it on the way back home.

It's day 3, and because of all this wetness and coolness, I'm starting to feel a little icky.  But I'm gonna take a grip of vitamins and Nyquil and sleep this off son!

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