Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I didn't win the fight against that icky feeling.  I have the flu.  This exact same thing happened to me last year at the exact same time.  I arrived, it was sunny, all of a sudden the weather changed drastically, and I got the flu.  This year followed suit!  But luckily, I got took a grip of vitamins, and also got this awesome flu medicine that they have out here called Benegrip (pronounced benagreepee), and it's knocking it out! I just learned that this medicine is banned in the US, lol, but hey... it's working for me here.  I'll be all good tomorrow, and ready for the regular weather this weekend!

Sidebar: I bought some pipoca com leite condensado this eve! That is... popcorn with condensed milk. It was aight, but I still went to Zona Sul and bought some doce de leite, and chopped nuts so I could top off my ice cream and have real dessert when I got home.  YES, I went out.  But only because I had to eat.  Other than that, I slept the entire day... But I'm feeling better.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Just ask that damned Jennifer Hudson will that stupid Weight Watcher's commercial. Boo.

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