Monday, July 4, 2011

It's Monday. Segunda-Feira...

...and. we. have. no. hot. water. agua. quente.
Thank God for Brasilian bidets.
Plus, as an extra added bonus, and fabulous welcome to Rio, it's raining this week! All week! Until Saturday! Yay! Next week it'll go back to 80's and sunny.  I feel like my life will start then.

Speaking of starting, I started classes today.  6 hours worth, from 9:30-4 with a few little breaks.  Since class was all day, I didn't do much else. But I did try to find the dudes that sell churros filled with doce de leite from the cart. That's right. Street sweets.  'Most delicious dessert' for the equivalent of one dollar that you will ever find.  They used to be located in the square right by the train station, but now there are only the guys that sell popcorn with condensed milk.  One popcorn guy, Renaldo, said the churro guys moved to Copacabana so, duh... we walked to Copacabana.  But they weren't there.  It could be because it was 9pm.  Maybe street sweets aren't allowed after 8:30.  We walked a mile or two for a doce de leite filled churro and got nothing.  And when we returned to the square, Renaldo was already packed up and gone with his condensed milk popcorn.

In conclusion, there were no street sweets for me.  Plus no hot water.  Plus classes all day.  So now I'm tired, dirty, and hungry.  Guess I'll watch some novelas.

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