Monday, July 18, 2011

Rio is all about the hips, but Bahia is all about the HEART.

Aw... I loved it when she said that.  I met a girl last night, from the states of course, who was talking about her experience with the different energies of Rio and Bahia.  Love them both - for sure - but there is definitely a different energy that you feel in Bahia when you step off of the plane.  She explained it thusly: Rio is all about feeling it in your hips, but Bahia is all about feeling it in your heart.  It's just much deeper.

I haven't even made it to Bahia this time around yet, but I certainly can't wait to get there!

Anyhow, this week has been semi-eventful.  I've managed to return to my routine walks around the awesome Lagoa.  It's about 7 kilometers around, and you walk through a few neighborhoods as you go.  Pretty cool - takes me a little over an hour because, well, I don't run.  I don't run, I don't jog, and I don't trot.  I walk.

Where did we last leave off? This week has actually been pretty work-filled.  Classes everyday - and they actually want us to do homework.  Lot's of it.  I'm like...really? We finally got sun this week, and you want us to spend all of our time... doing homework??? Yes.

Anyhow, I woke up today lacking good old-fashioned internet.  So, I'm in a cafe.  Booo.  And guess what cafe? GRINGO CAFÉ!  Woohoo.  I never come in here because the name is so cheesy, but it's right around the corner from the house, and so... here I am.  I did the Lagoa this morning, and then came here.  Today is pretty chill, and I'm probably going to keep it that way.

Yesterday was an awesome beach day! I missed most of it because I walked the Lagoa first, but I still got a few hours of sun love.  Plus, I actually got in the water for a total of about 3 minutes.  I went all the way in though - just got over it really quickly.  Ipanema beach, and others in Rio, are just not like those blue water beaches in the Caribbean.  If they were, I'd be out there everyday! But nope... the water is green. And a little gross.  So I stays away.

Anyhow, sidebar.  You know how dudes can be so annoying by refusing to act like people? You know how instead some may act as though they're desired by you when they're really not?  And you know how that feeling is just created in their heads, and no one ever gave them any idea that you may have wanted them in the first place? Well, yeah.  So I met this dude.  Cool dude, although I only knew him for a few minutes prior. Friend of a friend.  We're in Rio, so duh... meet up with people who know people you know in Rio.  I mean, that's always fun... at first.  So dude was cool, but then he started... I don't know... 'showing off.'  You know how dudes do that 'showing off' thing by saying really stupid things at the most inopportune times that would only be funny if someone attractive, or that you were at least mildly attracted to said it? So, yeah.  This dude started doing that.  And then they think you're mean when you give them the "that's dumb" look.  Dudes seem to equate being "nice" or being "cool" with wanting them. I don't get that.  I'm cool and nice to all dudes that are cool to me, and that by no means means that I want them.  And then when I realize that they have somewhere in their odd heads told themselves that there is a chance, I have to be a little 'shorter' in my words, and really make sure that every action is super-neutral.  But once you do that, they don't wanna talk to you anymore.  That's bullshit.  They start telling semi-sexist, completely-idiotic jokes for the benefit of the audience and the girl that, let's face it, can only be funny if you're super fine - and barely even then.  So why is it that when they go there and you try to politely be done with them, they get all super-dramatic and sensitive?  It's like, hey jackass, you're the one who just made a jackass out of yourself by ignoring social cues that everyone else seemed to receive, so don't be mad at me for having to be overly neutral in your presence because you chose to ignore the implied social cues that were big, bright, and obvious to everyone else.  It is because of you, and only you, that I have to now be overly clear about not even being slightly attracted to you.  And by that I mean SUPER DUPER OVERLY clear.  To the point where now... what?? I'm...mean? NO. You're just an idiot.  When I was nice to you, just like I am to everyone else, you wanted to take it to the head and think I wanted to utilize your sperm.  None of the other dudes did that! They were all normal.  It's just you, dummy! So don't have an attitude with me now cuz you forced me to give you a shutdown that would've been unnecessary if you would've just acted like a person!!!  (This is completely why this blog is sans love.  I'm just not in tune with non-human males, and those tend to be the ones that have no fear and will do the most in front of/for chicks).

Sorry for the vent.  That all occurred the day I went to the beach, so I was reminded when I started talking about how awesome the beach was.  Anyhoo...

That night, the roommie and I traversed the terrain down the street to a classmates apartment, which was on the 22nd floor, and therefore had a magnanimous view of the beach, mountains, and the lagoa.  Boom.  That's all I need to say.

Moving backwards, Friday night we ended up at Casa Mango Mango, a bed and breakfast in Santa Teresa where they randomly had live music!  Ok - I don't know if it was random, but it was completely off the beaten path, and outside of my knowledge.  They were a samba/bossa nova band, and they were awesome. I really wish I could remember the name, but alas, I cannot.  Anyhow, some older woman kept pulling me up to dance.  So what was I to do? Indeed,  I danced. And then danced some more. It was awesome.  Everything is awesome.  Even when it's not awesome. Awesome. So...

Continuing backwards, Tuesday and Thursday were both awesome Lagoa-going days for me.  As I stated earlier, it takes me about an hour and 10 minutes to get around the whole thing.  There is a dog park with a grand amount of golden retrievers.  There's an area for renting corny pedalinhos shaped like swans, and there are a few places to rent kayaks and do some rowing.  The Lagoa will also be the official location for the rowing games in the 2016 Olympics.  Sadly, there is also a guy selling churros with doce de leite.  It takes everything in my power for me to not purchase one in the middle of my workout/brisk walk.  But, I did seal my walk the other day with an agua de coco.  Estava bom!

So, what happens when I don't regularly check in is that I forget some of the cool happenings of the week.  That has happened here (insert sad face).  That, and the fact that Beach Sucos sells caiparinhas for R$6,50 and I had one last week during our lunch break, and one during class on Friday when we had class at the beach! OH YEAH, that's right.  Forgot - on Friday, we had class AT THE BEACH at one of the Skol kiosks!  Nothing like having class at a beer stand.  Oh, Brasil...

On another note, a colleague from school was here for a few days and we had an interesting conversation about being black and female here in Brasil.  She had met with a friend of hers who was feeling really depressed about her 'invisibility' in this country.  She's doing her work in another state (can't remember where).  Anyhow, her experience has been that people will pretty much just bump into her on the street as if she is not even there.  They mistake her for any other 'negra' they know, and oftentimes say things that are supposed to 'put her in her place' I suppose.  Once they realize she's from the U.S., their whole attitude towards her changes.  First, they have to speak to her in some way, shape or form to even realize that she is American, and therefore recognize that she is human.  And second, how sad is it that some of these people feel that black Brasilian women (and men too, I suppose) are invisible, and unworthy of even spatial recognition in the first place? It was interesting to hear, especially since I receive an ample amount of stares and comments because of my hairstyle.  It's quite like being on two opposite ends of the spectrum, but having the same sentiment.  She is less then human, and not worthy of being seen; I am a spectacle to be gazed at, and still possibly not human.  Although there is so much beauty across the Brasilian terrain, there is also a grandiose amount of ugliness.

Tchau my loves!

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