Thursday, July 7, 2011


Before I go to bed...

I just wanted to say two things.  First, that Benegrip is the TRUTH!  Well, so long as you don't die from using it, I suppose.  I'm not completely healed internally, but I was able to walk around and be a person today.  That stuff is like... word.

And second, I got my chuuuuuuuurro, I got my chuuuuuuuuuro.  That's right.  I got  my churro com doce de leite.  Sure, it may look a little pornographic, but I promise you... it tastes even more pornographicker.  And that's why you should be thankful if you ever get to indulge in the pornographicosity that a churro with dolce de leche really is...

I'm headed to bed so I can continue to rid myself of this bug, but I did go and see Midnight In Paris this afternoon with some language schoolers.  More exciting then the movie ending was the fact that, although the film was scheduled to begin at 1:20pm, the theater waited until the last few people were seated (10 minutes late) to begin the show.  I thought that was pretty funny/interesting/cool.  Theaters don't wait for people to sit! But I guess some do...

Lastly, here is what I just ate 3 scoops of... I feel really sorry for my body.
Doce de leite with cashews... and it was dripping, and gooey, and delicious.
Tchau, e beijos, e abraços.

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