Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Feminists Killed Chivalry. Viva la period.

Ok, so...those who know me well know that I totally oppose "folk" feminism. I appreciate gender roles, and don't want to put up curtains or change my own flats (unless it means changing into heels). My idea of feminism falls along a completely different continuum where I get at least a day off to bleed out my entire uterine wall without some a-hole of a dude assuming that I'm weaker because I want the freaking day off - especially since it's for his own protection. It has nothing to do with being weaker. It's actually about being uber strong - bionic, even. Don't fight for my right to work while menstruating; fight for me to receive some bloody benefits! Pun intended. Anyhow, I believe that folk feminists have ruined my life by forcing me to put up curtains and change flats whilst menstruating. To prove what? I don't wanna do that ish. I got cramps, dammit. It's some real bull%*$*. Despite that, I occasionally like to vote, be paid equal wages, and not be beaten and raped and stuff. Nonetheless, chivalry got lost in the "folk" feminist sauce and I'm just like...wha-huh?

A quick google of the word 'chivalry' brings you to the wikipedia definition (and c' know everything on wiki is true and correct, and worthy of use in academic journals) that suggests that folk feminists objected to chivalry by 1911! From wiki: "The idea that men were to act and live deferentially on behalf of women and children, though an ancient principle, was already under attack by 1911 from militant suffragettes intent on leveling the political playing field by removing from the public mindset the notion that women were a “weaker sex” in need of saving." I"m sorry, so men are to show women deference, and we should be...mad? I'm not. I'm not mad. I'm really not mad at men being deferential. I mean...I kinda like it. Some people think women are weaker. Some people think I'm a nigger. I'm really not going to be upset because some man wants to show deference. I would be upset, however, if he tried to lynch me. Locate your priorities. I'm just saying - there are some real, live biological structural differences that do give average men the upper hand over average women when it comes to certain things - things like...changing flats. Similarly, women also have the upper hand over certain things - pain tolerance, and mental stability, for example. So yes, there are structural differences between the sexes that should be acknowledged here and there. Weaker physically? Possibly. Weaker mentally? Not by a long shot. And then comes chivalry.

This folk feminism has created this class of men who either have no idea of what chivalry is, or have no desire to be chivalrous because they feel it's totally unnecessary. These new-aged dudes that wanna go dutch and have you open doors are like...not for me. I would totally be down for a knight back in the day, although my blackness would probably mean that the whole knight thing would turn into slavery and stuff, so the chivalry would still be lost. I would never wanna be anything but a black woman, but gosh - we just don't get the benefits of being female (and never have, hence my being anti-folk feminism). Tangent. Sorry. Anyhow, I can't completely blame men for their lack of chivalrous attitudes when they think that we wanna be treated as equals in every aspect of our lives. Now, when it comes to my damn PAY...! I don't wanna do man sh*t. There are some women that enjoy non-chivalry, and who wish to be equal in every aspect of their male-female relationship. I get it, and I think it's awesome. I, however, am not one of them. I am completely capable of taking care of myself entirely, and taking care of everyone else while I do it. But every once in a while, it's nice to know you don't have to. Reason #912 why I'm single. I like chivalry. And I treat myself too well to relinquish my caretaking to someone who won't treat me as well as I do. Open my door, dammit.

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