Tuesday, July 10, 2012

'She Don't Want U Cues'

So the first text exchange included this:

You hustle on the wknds too?

I thought that was really dumb. I let it slide. But I'm sayin'... if you're trying to kick it, speak regla first. Once we've established that you can have a grown folk convo (which will come in handy, I guarantee it), then you can type me what you want.  But don't try to kick it and talk to me like I'm 19 and think that askin' if I hustle on the weekends instead of just asking if I work (like a normal person) is cute.  Cuz it's not, dude.  How could you possibly expect me to respond? Like:

Yeah son, nah mean. I do what it do. Keep my thug game up and shit.

I'm pretty sure this type of response would have satisfied him - made him happy even. When I play around, YES, I do say stuff like that; YES, I do have a modicum of residual gangsta in my bones; YES, I do talk to my friends in all kinds of ways.  But homey... we ain't friends. And iono you like that.

Then the next day or so, I got this:

How you doin ma?

Do people still say that? More problematic is the fact that I responded.  I'm not mean - at least I try not to be, so I allowed the convo to proceed. At some point he asked me where I was from and then responded:

Big city boss chick huh?
The thing is, I did not give him the impression that I thought this was hot and sexy, and that he should keep going.  In fact, I kept responding extra regular to emphasize that he should just be normal and stop trying to be so gangsta.  But he didn't get it. Or he refused to adhere to the cue. The fact that I have more to say about this is probably more my issue than his since I kept responding :-/. Really, I just wanted to see how long it would take before he recognized that he sounded mad dumb son.  In my defense, when I recognized he just was outright REFUSING to let his faux gangsta let up, I stopped responding. 

The unfortunate more annoying thing is that dude seems to be super book intelligent.  He does stuff I can't explain. BUT, really what that demonstrates is that common sense is the best sense of all. I don't care how many degrees you have or don't have - some of the smartest people I know, and some of the coolest dudes I've met never went to college. So don't be confused by my requirement that you 'not be an idiot.' You can graduate from Awesome USA University and still be a big ole dummy (as demonstrated here).

What this really leads to is the fact that a lot of dudes refuse to adhere to cues. I'm pretty sure a lot of chicks are guilty of the same, but I can't speak to that. 
List of 'she don't want u cues' to come...
Moral of the story:
If you text me dumb sh*t, I'll put you on blast? No... that's really not it.  I promise.


  1. LMAO @ "Big city boss chick!" :::dead, reincarnated as a big city boss chick, dead again:::