Saturday, August 20, 2011

'Ta Bom.

It's been a minute. So what.  I started out this blog with the very clear words "I am not a blogger" (I think). Why? Cuz I don't do it.  I just don't blog. But I'm doing it now, and hopefully this still counts.

So yeah, I changed my ticket to come home a week early.  Rio is just too expensive, but not worth the expense and so I'm leaving.  Not that it's not worth living here if you've got something you wish to accomplish, but rather things are so expensive, but not actually worth the asking price.  Clothes, for example, are super overpriced, but of less than Forever 21 quality.  That ain't cool.  'They' (I don't remember who 'they' are) put out some list of the most expensive cities in the world, and Rio was either number 11 or 12 - right next to Sao Paolo.  New York, on the other hand, was number 32, and the first of any city in the United States (although I think Chicago give NY a run for its' money).  That oughta put it into perspective...  Not only is Rio expensive, but I'm also living in the most expensive part of this expensive city. And so I'm heading out.  Plus, it's the kind of place where either you stay for a long time, or you stay for a short time.  The in between times aren't really all that.  You don't have time to really get to know people, and you just start feeling comfortable when it's about time to leave.  Another month here and I would be fluent, and know how to get everywhere on the metrô.  However, I would also be bored out of my mind.

Sure there are plenty things to do in Rio.  There are plenty things to do in any big city.  But after you do them (and even if you don't), it gets played out.  I'm not the partier type anymore (been there, done that), so getting drunk on watery beer and caipirinhas while dancing until the wee hours of the morning isn't my idea of fun.  10 years ago, maybe! But now? No thanks.  However, it is fun for a lot of people, so if that's your thing you will absolutely love it here.  There are some pretty cool (free) cultural events throughout the city, too.  Stumbled upon an awesome Miles Davis exhibit the other day after going to this film festival, which was located next door to a Jazz Festival.  There is no lack of festivals if you pay attention to what's going on.

cont'd 8.20.11

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